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As soon as an idea meets expression it becomes a living thing that anyone, anywhere can grasp and use. This is the fundamental power of ideas. The idea here is to build a creative content production company, using “crowdsourced” material. Is it possible?

Assignment Zero, a project sparked by Jeff Howe who coined “crowdsourcing” and Jay Rosen, began with the goal of having “a crowd of volunteers write the definitive report on how crowds of volunteers are upending established businesses, from software to encyclopedias and beyond.” Jeff Howe considered it “a highly satisfying failure“.

Perhaps, perhaps not. Although there seems to be a market for Artistic and Creative works that reveal or explore the personal lives of “regular” people. From a talk given at SXSW by creative/comic Ze Frank and blogged about by Kirsten Knipp;

Ze explored the idea of emotional content online and shared ways that people were expressing their pain and loss by reaching out and communicating.  He is currently thinking about how that works and it seems like he has found ways to share the emotional without exploiting the private.  I look forward to seeing more of his work in that arena.

I can imagine the “crowd” being made up of teenagers and young people who are net savvy and creative. It would be many, many people all with their own unique knowledge and abilities that do the job. From Jeff Howe at Wired;

It is a community’s ability to allocate intellectual resources organically in this way that can make it a more efficient machine than a traditional, hierarchical organization.


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  1. i discovered your internet site upon reddit as well as believed i’d are available in this will let you appear. interesting idea you have however i will possess a handful of other folks f you’ve got an interest. they can assist or perhaps might not nevertheless its really worth a go.

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