March 15, 2021 admin

The 80/20 SEO Hack

Follow these eleven steps (to double your organic traffic):

  1. Go to your Google Analytics > Behavior > Site Content > All Pages report.
  2. Add a segment for “”Organic Traffic””, remove the “”All Users”” segment, and toggle the date range to cover the last year.
  3. Filter the results down to the blog only (i.e. in the search bar enter /blog if you use that for your site structure).
  4. Go to Export > Google Sheets and remove every column except for Page and Unique Pageviews.
  5. Now you’re looking at all your content ranked by the most unique pageviews over the last year, add a SUM function to add up the total unique pageviews for all your content.
  6. Add a column for “”Percentage.”” Then use the formula: Unique Pageviews divided by Total Pageviews for every page. This will show you the percentage of organic traffic each page is contributing to your site.
  7. Add a column for “”Cumulative Percentage.”” The first row will equal the percentage of the first row. The second row will be the percentage of the first row + the percentage of the second row. The third row will be the percentage of the second row + the percentage of the third row, and so on. You’ll now be able to see the 20% of content on your site contributing 80% of the traffic.
  8. Identify what broad topic every piece of content in your top 20% falls under. You’re looking for a pattern to see what your site has topical authority for, so you can create more content like this.
  9. Once you find “”the topic”” you win for, brainstorm as many ideas as you can related to that topic. Look on conference sites, podcasts, youtube, fb groups, etc.
  10. Grab the top ranked URL on Google for every related topic you find and smash it into SEMRush. Jot down the “”traffic potential”” for it on Desktop and Mobile.
  11. Find 10 pieces of content you can create with similar traffic potential to your top trafficked post.


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