Can Social Media make you money?

Note: – If you wish to be contacted by an Aabstract Executive to discuss your project send us an email – (contact info, synopsis of problem/project, start date) Welcome to the new age of the entrepreneur. Large corporations are stagnating on service, old and young entrepreneurs are growing out of the wood-work. With the almost… Continue reading Can Social Media make you money?

Twitter Marketing for fun and profit

Twitter, in a very short amount of time has become a serious force within the Media Landscape. With millions of users and hundreds of millions of tweets daily, twitter provides a quick, effective, personal outlet to entrepreneurs looking to develop and nurture their customer base.  Twitter is actually one of the simplest social media tools… Continue reading Twitter Marketing for fun and profit

What is Social Media Monitoring?

More importantly, what can it do for you? The world is a stage and everybody is talking. Social Media is a platform that allows individuals to talk and share their lives. And talking they are. Millions of conversations, tweets, chats and texts are bouncing about the internet daily. Online searches, comments and emails are flying… Continue reading What is Social Media Monitoring?

How Important is Social Media to Fortune 500 companies?

Interesting graphic from a social media study conducted by the Center for Marketing at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth on the use of social media in Fortune 500 companies.   Talkback: