Can Social Media make you money?

Note: – If you wish to be contacted by an Aabstract Executive to discuss your project send us an email – (contact info, synopsis of problem/project, start date) Welcome to the new age of the entrepreneur. Large corporations are stagnating on service, old and young entrepreneurs are growing out of the wood-work. With the almost… Continue reading Can Social Media make you money?

5 Simple Steps to focus your Website *Updated

I hear a lot of business owners and potential clients tell me they have a website, but as far as they are concerned it has yet to pay for itself. I have only one piece of advice for these people. Decide what you want your website to do and really focus on achieving that one… Continue reading 5 Simple Steps to focus your Website *Updated

Become your own Content KingMaker

If content is king, how do you become a king maker? It’s a simple question that unfortunately comes with a whole lot of “it depends” attached. While it is rare that there is ever any one simple answer to complex online marketing questions, there are thankfully a few handy guidelines that we use to focus… Continue reading Become your own Content KingMaker

The Crowdsource Solution

As soon as an idea meets expression it becomes a living thing that anyone, anywhere can grasp and use. This is the fundamental power of ideas. The idea here is to build a creative content production company, using “crowdsourced” material. Is it possible? Assignment Zero, a project sparked by Jeff Howe who coined “crowdsourcing” and… Continue reading The Crowdsource Solution