What is Social Media Monitoring?

More importantly, what can it do for you? The world is a stage and everybody is talking. Social Media is a platform that allows individuals to talk and share their lives. And talking they are. Millions of conversations, tweets, chats and texts are bouncing about the internet daily. Online searches, comments and emails are flying… Continue reading What is Social Media Monitoring?

Walter Francl Architects – Animations

Back in 2004, I had the opportunity to create a website for Walter Francl Architects in Vancouver British Columbia. While collaborating on the design (flash sites were all the rage, especially amongst Architecture and Advertising firms) I built a demo site that I always quite liked the design of, (the client chose a different route)… Continue reading Walter Francl Architects – Animations

Social media: what happens when the L-plates come off? | Econsultancy

Steve Richards over at Econsultancy has a very important message to CEO’s We’ve seen a real shift this year in the understanding of how social media can be integrated within consumer-facing organizations. The conversation has moved on from ‘how do we get involved in social media’ to ‘which areas of the business do consumers expect… Continue reading Social media: what happens when the L-plates come off? | Econsultancy

Handy Dandy Facebook hack

Here is a great way to fool your friends into thinking you posted your latest facebook update from say, the future, or your refrigerator… more at the link. Just make sure you are already signed into Facebook… Post from ALL THE THINGS! : reddit.com. Enjoy, A

How Important is Social Media to Fortune 500 companies?

Interesting graphic from a social media study conducted by the Center for Marketing at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth on the use of social media in Fortune 500 companies.   Talkback: http://www.readwriteweb.com/enterprise/2011/07/the-business-impact-of-social-media.php

The Crowdsource Solution

As soon as an idea meets expression it becomes a living thing that anyone, anywhere can grasp and use. This is the fundamental power of ideas. The idea here is to build a creative content production company, using “crowdsourced” material. Is it possible? Assignment Zero, a project sparked by Jeff Howe who coined “crowdsourcing” and… Continue reading The Crowdsource Solution