Local ECO store expands into New Builds, Renos and new Construction Tech.

February 28, 2013
February 28, 2013 admin

Design Brief Friday.


The Healthiest Home is a retail and renovation business incorporated in 2006. Their stated mission is to make green (healthy & sustainable) building products readily accessible to both homeowners and builders in the Ottawa valley and Eastern Canada.   Sustainable practices and healthy indoor air quality guide all decisions based around product selection and construction processes.

The Healthiest Home is bringing a new building system to market that is focused not just on promoting Healthy/Green products but on the entire building envelope itself. There is a desire to take advantage of existing PR and Social Media buzz to promote awareness of the Healthiest Home as a green builder specializing in this new building system. Potential clients searching for a General Contractor vs. a “green” retail store have different goals and informational needs.


Project Goals:

  1. Drive traffic, create awareness and focus online “buzz” around the Healthiest Home as a Design-Builder of new, energy efficient, custom homes.
  2. Encourage potential clients to call and set up an appointment with the HH.
  3. Build up a database of potential future clients, architects, engineers, investors and construction project managers.
  4. Establish a presence on the web for the purpose of building and defining  future SEO efforts.


Communications Objectives:

 To educate and inform people about The Healthiest Home (K-Tect) Sustainable building system and convince them to request a quote for their upcoming project.


Take a look!



Full Site: http://www.hhgreenbuild.ca

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