Can Social Media make you money?

March 19, 2012 admin

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Welcome to the new age of the entrepreneur. Large corporations are stagnating on service, old and young entrepreneurs are growing out of the wood-work. With the almost free availability of a worldwide market right at their doorstep via the internet; there has never been a better time to be a budding creator.

“See a need, fill a need” Bigweld, CEO of Bigweld Industries

The phrase, “See a need, fill a need” was popularized in the 2005 animated film, Robots. In this film, Rodney aspires to become an inventor. With his father’s encouragement, he travels to Robot City in hopes of showing one of his inventions to Bigweld, CEO of Bigweld Industries. Bigweld’s enthusiasm for new ideas and positive attitude is evident throughout the film. Thanks to Social Media, the potential of “Seeing” the need has grown exponentially.

I enjoyed Robots for its humour and animation, as well as the “strength of character” message. I also believe that the next great technical and social achievements can come from the Garages of Today; in energy, medicine, software, entertainment and in any service toward which a person can set their purpose. If we can correctly identify a market and put in place a mechanism from which to learn and grow from them, we have solved the tricky half of the equation – the rest becomes a technical exercise. Businesses of the future must look to Social Media to gain critical market knowledge and competitive insights; ideas, criticism, technical solutions, marketing and funding. The payoff massively covers the investment of time and creative thinking.

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