Seniors ≠ End of Life

Most Ad Campaigns are built by Millennials, Gen Z and a smattering of GenXers – not known for their love of Boomer culture.

The Boomers have lived through some of the most tumultuous changes in society and have much to still teach us.


Abstract has massive respect for the knowledge, patience, experience and wisdom of the baby boom generation. We hope to have the opportunity to tell the stories of their successes and challenges


There is a huge opportunity for those sympathetic to the zeitgeist of boomers; in how they use technology, get news, research – and their cynicism when it comes to “marketing speak”.

Talk with them

There is a massive amount of knowledge that is being held in the minds of older Generations and they welcome the ability to unburden themselves of that responsibility by telling their stories and sharing their wisdom.

"When old people are not portrayed as pathetic, they are depicted as cranky, often literally, as in a Medicare commercial featuring a character called Cranky Martha."


A Love Letter to the Boomer Generation


Focused on marketing to Older Generations in the following industries:

Boomers represent more than 50% of the entire spending power in the economy.
It would be completely foolish to ignore such a large, diverse group of Canadians.


such as medical clinics, senior living facilities, home care agencies, medical equipment suppliers.


including retirement planning, estate planning, insurance services tailored for seniors.

Leisure and recreation

such as senior travel groups, recreational clubs, and activities designed for older adults.

Mobility and transportation

like companies providing mobility aids, transportation services specially designed for seniors.

Home services

such as home maintenance, home modification, and handyman services catering to the needs of seniors.


businesses offering assistive technology, senior-friendly gadgets, and tech support services for older adults.

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