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About Aabstract

Aabstract Communications is an Ottawa based online marketing company that builds, monitors and optimizes websites around lead generation. Our proven system focuses on the Inbound pillars of SEO, Content Marketing and Social Media. Our core services are retainer based and performance driven.

We are a Hubspot Inbound Partner and Google Adwords Certified.

What can we do for your business?

Aabstract will review your efforts so far, work with you to create and define your ideal customer personas, formulate a plan on how to attract, convert, close and delight those same personas, and then wrap it up in easy to understand Inbound Marketing Blueprint.

Get a grip on your marketing

Do you feel as though you are taking a shotgun approach to marketing? Aabstract will bring focus and measurment to your efforts. Streamline your marketing and sales process and use data driven tools to target those individuals most likely to do business with you.

Develop content

So you’ve got a website and several years of legacy marketing materials, but are struggling to continuously create and distribute content that adds value to your customers. Let Aabstract step in with a clear sales funnel strategy built around blogging, social and targeted, premium content.


Ever wonder how your efforts, budgets and conversions stack up against the competition? Do you often find yourself struggling over what to do next? Is it time to take it to the next level? Let’s talk.


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“Contextual content has the power to improve our daily lives and our bottom lines.”…

"Contextual content has the power to improve our daily lives and our bottom lines."
by @bv02

Although the internet has afforded us with more innovative ways than ever to sell our products and services, marketing has become so accessible that no one is standing out in the crowd. So how do you break through the clutter? It’s not an easy task, but one that can be simplified by building content with… Read more »

How to Benchmark Your Marketing Performance Against Your Competition’s

How to Benchmark Your Marketing Performance Against Your Competition's

Marketing Strategy – Competitive intelligence often takes a back seat to performance indicators that marketers are daily concerned with (open rates, social metrics, conversions…). But that solely inward focus can lead you astray.

#Content #Marketing Tips for #B2B Organizations – Whiteboard Friday

#Content #Marketing Tips for #B2B Organizations – Whiteboard Friday

B2B companies face different challenges than B2C companies. From which stages you target in the funnel to how you measure your success to the ​team you end up selling to, content marketing can be a horse of a different color when you’re business-to-business. In this week’s Whiteboard Friday, Rand shares his tips for successful content marketing when you’re a B2B.


Our Service

The focus of marketing has changed. From impersonal to personal, from general to specific, from outbound to inbound. Instead of trying to be heard, we are trying to be found.


We focus on the 3 pillars of Search Engine Optimization – the science of being “found”. Link-backs from credible sources, Fresh Content that adds value and Social engagement.


Your website is like a TV channel that people can tune in. If all you play is one scene from one movie over and over – don’t expect people to come back.


It’s time to replace the world’s annoying, interruptive marketing with personalized inbound marketing—marketing people love.



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For immediate service call 613-220-2265 and talk to Alfred.

20 minute digital content strategy session.

This fast paced, 20 minute over-the-phone content marketing assessment will focus on;
helping to define who your ideal buyer is,
what type of content they are looking for,
and what the ideal journey through your site looks like.

Works great as a fast gut check for your intuition and to get some fresh ideas.